Stoller Brothers & Sons, Ltd.


Stoller Brothers & Sons, Ltd. has partnered with the Paulding Dairy for over 15 years now; providing feed (corn silage) for their upcoming year. The Paulding Dairy houses 6,000 cows making them one of the largest in the state of Ohio. On average, we provide 40,000 tons of corn silage for them every year. Our farming operation plants enough corn to provide about two-thirds of what is needed to be cut for silage, then it is up to the Paulding Dairy to find the remaining third of corn acres that are needed. With our help and key relationships we have made over the many years with neighboring farmers, we assist in that process to make sure the tonnage needs are met each year. Just like most everything you do in farming, there are pros and cons with taking corn off for silage. A big benefit for us since most of our fields are close to the dairy is receiving manure as fertilizer when the corn comes off or in the fall after the wheat is harvested. We stay in touch with the Paulding Dairy throughout the year to help with manure management and also to get an idea of how much corn they will be needing for the fall. We have also cut alfalfa, grain sorghum, and wheatlage for the Paulding Dairy.

Usually around the 3rd-4th week of August, depending on the year/weather, is when we will start cutting corn silage. When the time gets close, we will go out to a field and run a sample to have an idea of what the moisture is. Paulding Dairy likes the moisture of the corn to be in the ballpark of 65%. Knowing that each field isn't going to be a perfect 65%, we plant corn hybrids with different maturity dates in order to widen that window.

The custom silage operation has been running 2-Claas Jaguar 900 choppers with 8 row corn heads for over 5 years now. The first 11 years, we only ran one chopper but with the continued expansion of the Paulding Dairy, we felt it was necessary to add another one which is provided by another farming operation in the county. We also provide our John Deere 9530 with a Degelman blade in order to help push/pack the silage once it reaches the bunker. We operate 4-Mack r-model straight trucks along with 4-Semis with dump trailers. The same farming operation that provides the other chopper also provides a John Deere tractor with a Degelman blade and two trucks. A neighboring farm operation provides 2 more trucks; totaling 12 total trucks that are running throughout the operation. With that being said, we have many drivers getting in and out of the trucks everyday. To ensure the driver's safety along with the public's safety, before every chopping season, we hold a drivers safety meeting that is conducted by Tri-State Transportation Consulting. We feel this is very important to help keep ourselves along with the drivers up to date on the laws and regulations that apply to us. Our main goal is to bring everyone home safely every night and we will not settle for anything less.

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about our custom silage operation. We hope you enjoy the pictures!