Stoller Brothers & Sons, Ltd.


Stoller Brothers & Sons, Ltd. consists of just over 4,500 tillable acres of farm land. We try to consistently run a three year crop rotation (corn, soybeans, winter wheat) on all of our farm ground but with unpredictable weather patterns, it doesn't always work out in our favor. Since most of our soils comprise of "Paulding County clay", we try to use minimal tillage on the ground but realize it must be done to help maximize yield and to improve soil compaction. Another way to reach that maximum yield is by having drainage tile installed. It is an expensive process but we believe it helps reach our ultimate goal of improving every farm we operate on. We operate newer John Deere and Case IH equipment and do our very best at maintaining the equipment with preventative and regular maintenance along with keeping everything washed up and clean.


We are one of only a few in the area to have a twin-row planter. Since most of our corn gets chopped for silage, we believe having it in a twin-row instead of just the regular 30 inch row allows the corn more space to draw nutrients up from the soil. With new technology from Precision Planting, we are now able to drop any population we want at a push of a button from the tractor. With that technology, we have dropped corn anywhere from 34,000 to 42,000 seeds/ac. After the corn is about a foot tall, we will side-dress with 28% nitrogen. We will monitor the crop all year long to determine if a fungicide is needed to help the plant along. We will only end up shelling around 15% of our acres as that option is still available to potential landlords.


When you have a twin-row corn planter and you fall behind planting soybeans; you get an idea of putting soybeans into the planter. Well we did just that and we very pleased with the outcome. We ended up purchasing a twin-row planter for soybeans only. We still have the air seeder which is mostly used to sow wheat but each year a few hundred acres of soybeans gets drilled in 7.5 inch rows. The twin-row planter allows us to cut back on the amount of soybeans we drop however with that savings, we put on a little starter fertilizer to help them get out of the ground. We use Roundup Ready soybeans but also are implementing the Liberty Link technology into our farm as well. We monitor soybeans all year long for any diseases or possible spider mites that may come along.


We still believe winter wheat is a must in the clay soils that we farm. It may not always work out to be every third year but we always try to keep it in the rotation. The profit margins for wheat are very tight however we believe we benefit more by just getting the wheat in the ground and letting it go. Once the wheat is harvest; the straw gets baled by an other operation in Northwest Ohio. After that, dairy manure gets applied to most of the acres before we start deep tillage. Placing wheat onto a farm also gives us an opportunity to have tile install or even fix broken tile. It also gives us a chance to cut surface ditches if they are needed.

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about our grain farming operation. We hope you enjoy the pictures!