Stoller Brothers & Sons, Ltd.


Stoller Brothers & Sons, Ltd. has currently been in the family since the late 1920s. The original home place was purchased in 1928 by Herbert & Leah Stoller. This 327 acre purchase by Herbert & Leah would put half of Paulding Township, Section 4 in the Stoller name which still remains today. This is where our current farm shop is located. Fourteen years after this purchase, the Stoller family would be faced with Herbert's untimely death at the age of 45 years old. This death brought many challenges to the Stoller family. Herbert's two sons, Justus and Willis, along with their other siblings would help run the farm for their mother. Justus and Willis would make farming their lifetime career and continue in their father's footsteps. This is how the Stoller Brothers name started out. In 1947, Justus would marry Ruby Sites and have a son. In 1954, Willis would marry Ellen Fiechter and also have a son. As the seasons rolled by and the boys grew older, it was time to allow another generation on the farm.  In 1971, Justus's son Don would join the farm and later on Willis's son Brent joined as well. Stoller Brothers turned into Stoller Brothers and Sons; that way it could take care of future generations. Three years after Don was a part of the farm, he would marry Gail Fellers and have a son who could carry on the family farm, if that was his desire. As these boys were living their dream, Stoller Brothers and Sons would be faced with ups and downs like the 1988 drought but would find a way to make it through and continue on. Don's son Matt would end up buying into the hog operation in 1994. Matt grew up on the farm which helped grow his passion for farming so he knew farming was going to be his lifetime career. Stoller Brothers and Sons would end up hiring Francis Maag as a hired hand during his junior year of high school in 1989. Francis had his sights set on attending The Ohio State University but knew farming was his passion and decided to stay on the farm. In 1994, Francis also had the opportunity to buy into the hog operation. Willis decided it was time to give his part of the operation up and in 1996, Matt and Francis had the opportunity to buy Willis share of the farm. Three years later, Stoller Brothers and Sons would partner with the Paulding Dairy to provide feed for his dairy cattle. At that point, Justus decided to hang up his shoes and allow the next generation to step in and buy his share as well. This would give Don, Matt and Francis full reign on the operation.

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